Many congratulations to our group leader, Gabi, on her promotion to Reader!

27 June 2020

A new paper on Αβ purification led by Amberley Stephens is out now.

We provide a method for the purification of recombinant label-free amyloid-β using commercially available reagents and without the need for a freeze drying step which induces oligomerisation.

1 Oct 2020

We are very excited to share our latest research published in Nature Communications on alpha-synuclein conformational dynamics!

We investigated the monomeric conformation of aSyn in different conditions and found that the more exposed the N-terminus of the protein becomes, the more aggregation-prone it becomes.

Sequence alterations such as the presence of post-translational modifications and familial point mutations that lead to early-onset Parkinson's disease also lead to differing exposure of the N-terminus, linked to aggregation propensity.

This paper is led by Amberley Stephens and Maria Zacharopoulou and is a result of a big collaboration cohort. Many congratulations to all!

04 June 2020

Monomeric amyloid-β is notoriously challenging to purify. Fear not, as the new preprint led by Amberley Stephens is now on bioRxiv.


We provide a protocol to purify monomeric recombinant Abeta in 3 hours using a one-step chromatography approach.

15 May 2020

Adding to our quarantine preprints, Amberley Stephens' paper on purification methods of recombinant alpha-synuclein is now on bioRxiv

Comparing four commonly used purification protocols for aSyn shows acid precipitation and periplasmic lysis methods yield the highest purity and monomeric recombinant α-synuclein. The way aSyn is purified has an impact on its aggregation kinetics!

15 May 2020

Our new article sheds light on the coupling between mitochondrial impairment and α-synuclein pathology!


We show that protein homeostasis in mitochondria plays a major role in α-synuclein aggregation, as a disruption of intramitochondrial proteases leads to aggravated α-synuclein seeding.


The paper is led by Janin Lautenshläger, and includes work performed by many LAG and MNG members. Many congratulations to all!

8 May 2020


If you're interested in nuclear architecture or stem cell differentiation, check the new preprint on bioRxiv led by Colin Hockings and Chetan Poudel!

The article introduces a new method based on fluorescence lifetime to measure chromatin compaction in any cell, live or fixed, without genetic modification. It is a result of the collaboration between members of the Laser Analytics Group and the Molecular Neuroscience Group. Many congratulations to all who contributed!

3 May 2020


Ioanna Mela's article on DNA-origami as an antimicrobial delivery agent is published in Angewandte Chemie.


The paper is led by the Laser Analytics Group's postdoc Ioanna Mela and includes collaborations with MNG.

Many congratulations to authors: Ioanna Mela, Pedro Vallejo-Ramirez, Stanislaw Makarchuk and Clemens Kaminski!

15 April 2020

Despite the national quarantine we continue our work remotely - more new exciting projects on the way!

March 2020

Review paper on fluorescent protein imaging is now published in the Physical Biology journal!

Well done, Meng, Gabi and Clemens!

11 February 2020

Congratulations to Gabi and Amberley for their article being selected for PCCP 2019 hot articles list!

You can find this paper here

01 February 2020

Dr Amberley Stephens's article is on bioRxiv now!  



The study reveals possible mechanisms behind intrinsic fluorescence in glutamine-like structures.

The paper can be found here

23 January 2020

Congratulations to our authors of the recent paper "Structural progression of amyloid-β Arctic mutant aggregation in cells revealed by multi-parametric imaging.”!

The article was selected for the 2019 retrospective collection called “The year in JBC: 2019.” The associate editors looked through hundreds of papers to come up with what they felt best represented the exciting advances reported in JBC last year. The issue can be found here.

14 January 2020

Miranda Robbins has passed her viva!!

Congratulations to Dr Miranda Robbins for passing her PhD viva!

16 December 2019 

Philippa Hooper has passed her viva!!

Congratulations to Dr Philippa Hooper who passed her viva in only 2 hours!

13 September 2019 

Congratulations to our authors of the recent paper "Structural progression of amyloid-β Arctic mutant aggregation in cells revealed by multi-parametric imaging.”!

The paper was viewed 794 times on the JBC website in February and March, putting it among the top 50 most viewed papers for that time period. Read the paper and find more information here.

1 August 2019

Our review paper ”The Cellular Environment Affects Monomeric α-Synuclein Structure” is May's featured paper in Trends in Biochemical Sciences!


Read the paper and find more information here.

May 2019

Dr Gabi Kaminski Scierle along with other scientists in BBC news with the article "Discover mechanism behind motor neurone disease".


Read the article here or the full paper here.

20 April 2019

Dr Gabi Kaminski Schierle was interviewed by the Naked Scientists about how the "build up of Calcium could lead to Parkinson's".


Read more here.

27 February 2018

Researchers in the Molecular Neuroscience Group have found that excess levels of calcium in brain cells may lead to the formation of toxic clusters that are the hallmark of Parkinson’s disease. 

Read more here.

19 February 2019

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